A Little Background.

Baking was my biggest hobby in primary school. I would be so eager to come home and make something I wouldn’t check I had all the ingredients before creaming the butter and sugar together. Growing up in a rural Scottish Highland village we didn’t have the luxury of popping to the shop if something was missing. This often resulted in cakes with one less egg than required or not enough sugar.

I did Home Economics from S1-S4, before moving to Edinburgh in S5. Sometimes it felt like this was the only subject I was good at, and enjoyed. However, baking sort of stopped being a hobby at home as there wasn’t always someone to bake for. It wasn’t until I was going through a rough time with mental health that I decided the person I was baking for was me. I challenged myself to bake something new at least once a week.

Social media has really helped boost my confidence. And I love my friends and family seeing and reacting to what I have created. I often follow recipes but as the weeks go by I have begun to experiment with my own flavour combinations and ideas.

As I bake, create and make I will be sharing my journey through this blog. So, please enjoy and comment.

18 thoughts on “A Little Background.

    1. Maya, that’s such a lovely introduction to your blog You’ve come through so much and I love the idea of your baking as a creative and healing endeavour. xx


  1. Lovely Maya, I’m pleased you have started this! Who knows where it could go! Your bakes look beautiful and sound so different and yummy!! You were meant to do this. Xxx


  2. I think this is a really lovely idea, Maya. Your bakes always look so delicious, I am looking forward to seeing what you put up next! X


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