Extreme Gratitude.

Whilst browsing WordPress I came across this blog post. And it stuck with me.
I definitely spend more time thinking about what is going/has gone wrong rather than what has gone right in my life so I thought this would be an interesting exercise. I found starting difficult, but I was surprised at how much I managed to come up with. And I’m sure I could keep going.
Maybe there’s a lesson here?

(The more I typed the word grateful the more I convinced myself I was spelling it completely wrong.)

  • I am grateful to live in such a beautiful city
  • I am grateful I got to spend my childhood in the Highlands of scotland and have the opportunity to go back whenever I can
  • I am grateful I have close relationships with my siblings
  • I am grateful I have friends who I am comfortable with, who I trust and who love me
  • I am grateful I have a hobby I am passionate about (baking obv)
  • I am grateful I have a mother who is always a phone call away and who I can share anything with
  • I am grateful I have always experienced love
  • I am grateful to have a job I love (even if it can be extremely stressful)
  • I am grateful I have been there, and contiune to be there for people
  • I am grateful for the NHS
  • I am grateful coffee exists (nurses best friend)
  • I am grateful for nature
  • I am grateful I can read, enjoy books and learn
  • I am grateful for education
  • I am grateful for technology and the ability it gives me to communicate with my family down in England
  • I am grateful for the relationship I share with A.
  • I am grateful for the friendship my mum and dad have despite being divorced
  • I am grateful for the family holidays I have been on and the places I have experienced

I do think I could of added some deeper, more meaningful ones. But I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel sharing those with the world (my very small group of followers) just yet..

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