Lime, Mango & Kiwi,

So, the whole two days of Edinburgh summer was great (I was working). I’m hoping it was just a preview of what’s to come later on! It wouldn’t be summer without getting burnt on the meadows.

The wonderful thing about depression is that it can come out of nowhere. Absolutely, nowhere. Here, I mean when everything is going well and then out of nowhere you can feel low again.

I write this because everything is going well right now. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, through writing this blog, medication, therapy and generally being kinder to myself. I knew I was feeling good but it really hit me how well I was doing whilst on a driving lesson. I stalled at a junction, and a few months ago I probably would of given up, cried and held up a lot of traffic. Instead, I swore, restarted the car, and drove off. To a lot of you that probably isn’t a big deal. But to me, it was a victory.

Now, I think it’s really important, when everything is going really well, to be mindful that depression can be lingering around in the background. I think it’s important not to push yourself too much. Enjoy how you’re feeling, do what you can, but keep that self care up and still take “off days”! (I’m going to write a post about what I do for self care soon!)

Anyway, cheesecake! One of my favourite desserts. I actually remember the first time I tried cheesecake, it was in a museum café. I ordered it, despite being told it might be a bad idea. Dairy doesn’t really agree with me, and it was a lot worse when I was younger. SO, cheesecake was off the limits for a long time. Now, I indulge whenever I can.

I’ve been thinking about what flavours I wanted to use for this bake and I must of come to a conclusion whilst it was sunny as they’re very fresh and summery flavours!


I wanted to add another element and I love making meringue kisses so thought this would be ideal!

3 Medium egg whites

140g Sugar

1 tsp Lime juice

1 tbsp Lime zest

Heat the oven to 100 degrees Celsius. The trick to meringue is cooking at a low temperature, then after the cooking time is up I turned the oven off but left the meringues in to cool fully.

Add lime juice to the egg whites and whisk until it starts to become fluffy.


Slowly add the sugar one spoon at a time and whisk each time. One all the sugar has been incorporated fold in the lime zest.

_DSC1159.JPGNow, I am very bad at putting meringue into a pipe bag, so inelegantly, put the meringue into a pipe bag using a star nozzle.


Bake for 30-40 minutes. And as I said earlier, turn the oven off and leave the meringues there whilst making everything else! This recipe makes about two trays of meringues, the great thing is they can be frozen for another time OR eaten then and there.

Biscuit Base

150g Digestive biscuits (I was going to make my own but there is nothing better than a digestive biscuit. I later had the rest with multiple cups of tea)

85g Salted butter

1 tbsp Maple syrup

Melt the butter in a pan and crumble the biscuits in. Usually people crush the biscuits before adding to the butter but I decided to just do this in the pan! Add in the maple syrup and cook the mix for a few minutes.

I used a spring form cake tin lined with greaseproof paper to assemble my cheesecake.


Push the biscuit mix into the tin until its level and pop in the fridge.


250g Mascarpone cheese

30g Sugar

225mls Double cream

1 tbsp Lime zest

1 tsp Lime juice

3/4 Mango + 50g Sugar

3 Kiwis + 50g Sugar

Mix the mascarpone and sugar together until soft. Slowly add in the cream and lime juice. Fold in the zest. Ta-dah, you’ve made cheesecake! Spread the mix over the biscuit base and pop back into the fridge.


For the fruit I simply cooked each of them down with the sugar and gave them a mash. (With a potato masher).


To decorate the cheesecake I used the meringues, fresh cubes of mango and kiwi and a sprinkling of lime zest!



Yesterday I handed my dissertation in, which means from May I only have 14 weeks left of university! I feel like I have been on this course forever. It hasn’t always been plain sailing and there have been times when I’ve asked myself why am I doing this! But now the end is so so close. I can’t wait to get back into placement, I’m going to Gynaecology, which is an area I want to take my career into. It feels like everything is coming together.







4 thoughts on “Lime, Mango & Kiwi,

  1. Achievements all the way! This recipe looks and sounds especially good, and that’s said by a committed diabetic. And well done with all the progress you’ve made and those special times for chilling out. xx

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